Monday, July 6, 2009

Congratulation notes from children and wives of our dears in prison to their noble fathers and husbands:

These appeared on Mousavi's Facebook page:

Special thanks to Sara for the Translation

Fetemeh, daughter of Dr. Mostafa Tajzadeh
Dad; happy father’s day to you! I am not crying in your absence as I have learned patience from you. Stay strong!

Sepehr, son of Shahab Tabatabai
Our dear daddy Shahab; no hand can separate you from us. You are with us even when you are away, anytime, anywhere. We are anxiously waiting for your return.

Children of Safai Farahani
Dear father; this year we are celebrating the birth of Imam Ali (peace be upon him), the symbol of justice, in the absence of your precious presence and we are praying for your wellbeing and prosperity to the almighty God. We are proud of you and we love you dearly.

Zahra, wife of Dr. Ali Tajernia
My companion and soulmate Ali; day is formed by the sun, night by the starts and I by you. Congratulations to you on this day!

Mohammad-Hossein, Sara, Amir-Hossein and Alireza, children of Dr. Tajernia
Our kind father; our congratulation is an excuse to remember the happy days of our lives. We congratulate this day to you and pray to the compassionate Lord for your wellbeing and freedom.

Wife and children of Dr. Shirakvand
My dear father; tonight is the birthday of most noble and most chaste of the fathers. But I am wondering what uncommitted sin has banned me from your kind embrace and warm kisses? Hope that the caring hand of Imam Ali presents my unlimited love to your lonely hands.

Dr. Marsousi, wife of Dr. Saeed Hajarian
Dear Saeed; we have forgotten your stammering owing to your constancy of belief and shuddering of your hand because of your permanence of notion. They were able to target your voice and hand with hatred and revulsion but your idea and your conviction will always be green. Today is the birthday of the king of compassion and justice. They have imprisoned your ailing body but know that your green idea will always remain in our hearts.

Leili-Saddat Jalalzadeh, wife of Javad Imam
The birthday of Imam Ali is not only the father’s day but also the day to celebrate courage, humanity, generosity, peace, compassion and truth, and these are the treasures that not everyone can attain. These days you were not only courageous but also taught bravery, resilience and humanity to everyone. Congratulations to you on this day!

Children and wife of Majid Nayeri
Our dear Majid; we sincerely congratulate father’s day, the day of courage and heroism, and we hope you come back to the family’s arms soon.

Mohammad, Ahmad and wife of Dr. Abdollah Ramazanzadeh
Our dear father, congratulations to you on this day! Endure as God is with those who are patient. God willing we will soon meet you and your noble comrades among the family and the Iranian people.

Maryam Baghi, wife of Mohammad Ghochani
My darling, Mohammad; on this blessed day I entrust you to the “born of Kaaba” who portrayed justice and fairness with the heart broken from the injustice that he endured. God of Ali, God of you, is the ultimate judge. I congratulate this day to you and I swear to your God that the ultimate champion is none but the truth. To this day no corporeal power has been able to alter belief and faith with chain and prison so you that have faith in father of Shias, Imam Ali, are free even in prison. Congratulations to you and your fellow imprisoned comrades for the birth of the king of all noble men in the universe.

Wife and children of Kambiz Nourozi
In the appreciation of your imprisoned pen and of your hand that made heroism and courage the memory of these days. Stars be upon your day!

Mahtab, Doughter of Eissa Saharkheir
Dear Dad; we are spending father’s day in your absence and enduring what is happening these days. We are waiting for your freedom. We are waiting for the freedom. Be prosperous and courageous!

Sajaad, son of Sadegh Nourozi
My dear father; I wish you were with me in such a day. Be determined and courageous!

Mother of Somayeh Tohidlo
Dear God, put the “knowledge of Ali” ahead of the “love for Ali”. Best wishes for the birth of the icon of justice and bravery to all his true followers.

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