Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iran Disconnected?

Iran is apparently getting its communications completely disconnected, so that only satellite phones are able to get communications out, and those only if they are away from the radio jamming equipment.

Last word from Iran is that people are taking to the streets in mass protest, and are listening to music and singing as they go to hear Mousavi speak. The report of disconnection is troubling, however, as the main source of information for this blog cannot be contacted to confirm (may be out protesting).

An encouraging note is that the police are NOT restricting the people, and are apparently trying to make the procession orderly.

Mousavi’s speech has just started as we write this. We have asked for people to report on what has been said. We hope we will have word later.

The outside world is concerned for the people: we only hope that this can yet end peacefully.

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  1. Still getting a lot of information from twitter. Today's protests were bloody and full of atrocities committed by the baseej and sebah.