Sunday, June 21, 2009

Neda: A Martyr, a Victim, a Child

Her name was Neda. We can hear the grief and shock of her father calling her name as she dies, her life's blood spilled by the shot of a gunman. She was watching the protests, but was not participating. Her crimes, as they are listed:
  • Being too innocent of the danger of what she did.
  • Being in public.
  • Standing on the same street as protesters.
When someone dies an innocent bystander, it it always tragic. We see the graphic reality of violence, the blood spilling as it fills her inside to the point it cannot be contained. She is dead quickly, a mercy for which we can only be thankful. I can only shed tears at the tragic suddenness of her passing, with her father right there. No parent should have to outlive a child.

Her name has become a battle-cry in the streets: "Remember Neda," they call. And at least 24 web sites that I've personally seen carry her name.

We will all remember Neda. Those of us who saw will remember her whether we want to or not. We hope that those who committed such an act understand that this only furthers the resolve of those who are resisting. Violence cannot be a solution when there is a nation based on the principles of Peace.

We can only pray for you for now. But we must ensure that things of this nature do not happen again.
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  1. some things need to be said at this point in time and i am not hearing them... so i will say them:

    there is NO spiritual moral authority that condones shooting a girl for protesting.

    let me repeat this: there is NO spiritual moral authority that condones shooting a girl for protesting. it is a disease of cowardice in any man that is even offended by any girl protesting anything! therefore, any spiritual leader or any religious heads who condone such a thing have revealed themselves to be cowards. they have become a lie to the idea of religion! and they have lost all moral authority.

    many men, all around the world, have mothers, daughters, girlfriends and wives... if we shoot them every time they complain, or protest about anything, we would be called murderers and we would be justly prosecuted for such acts! all men have to come to terms with our own cowardice in order to become men-- but this is a spiritual cowardice that ignores the divine revelation of the divine equality of women at its own peril.

    it will be a test of moral authority to see if the gunman is prosecuted for her murder.